Simulator Configurations

Cessna 172 Dual G430


Cessna 172 G1000NXi


Piper Seminole G1000NXi


What the simulator can do

Repostition by Map


Why waste time flying around to where you want to be? Just grab the simulator control panel and press the map to reposition your airplane anywhere in the world. Set your altitude, direction, and speed easily when you reposition on the map.

Reposition by Airport


Want to takeoff from your favorite runway? Then enter the airport and the runway, and you are there instantly. All you need is the airport identifier and then pick from the drop-down list of the runways.

Change your Enviornment


Add weather conditions and push yourself to the limit. The simulator has easy to add rain, fog, day/night, snow, cloud ceiling, cloud cover, directional wind, turbulence, gusts, and more.