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Why a Simulator?

Benefits of Flight Simulation

Flight simulators are not airplanes, but they offer something airplanes cannot. "Because simulators are computers, they, unlike actual airplanes, also allow for direct measurements of a pilot’s training progress," says Rob Mark of Flying magazine. The ability to train in scenarios that are dangerous and impractical in the airplane makes flight simulator training incredibly valuable.


  1. Measurable
  2. Execute dangerous scenarios
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Convenient
  5. Learn the basics
  6. Easy Repetition
  7. Varied environment
  8. Safe for beginners to the proficient
  9. Keep currency easily

The FAA's recent change in rules governing the use of flight simulators reflects this value. The ability of computers to recreate an immersive experience is what the commercial airlines have invested in for decades to train pilots long before they let them near a jet. It is about time this benefit was available to the private pilot. Frasca International, a builder of commercial simulators, has recently invested in providing pilots with a top of the line simulator to train on. This technology and state of the art hardware together with Pilot Proficiency's immersive custom built enclosure make training realistic, customizable, and valuable.

But don't take it from us. Many others have been discovering the benefits and utility of regular flight simulator training for pilots:

Check out our customer reviews, Flying Magazine, and Aerotime to name a few.

A private pilot coming in for an approach on the Frasca AATD RTD Cessna 172 G1000Nxi.
A private pilot coming in for an approach on the Frasca AATD RTD Cessna 172 G1000Nxi.


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Rent our FAA Approved general aviation flight simulators by the hour, or purchase an unlimited subscription.

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Professional Simulators


Our simulators are built by professional simulation companies and are not home-built hobbyist equipment.  We can simulate Cessna 172 aircraft as well as Cessna and Piper multi-engine aircraft.

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Train when you have time, at locations convenient to you.  Skip the drive to the airport, train over lunch, evenings, and weekends.

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