What Can Flight Simulation Do For You?

Who are you? A Student? A Pilot?

Whoever you are, we have something to offer you. Flight simulation is versatile and effective. Flight simulators are not airplanes, but they provide something airplanes cannot. Flight simulators allow the pilot to have repeatable direct measurements of training progress. The ability to train in scenarios that are dangerous and impractical in the airplane makes flight simulator training incredibly valuable. 

  • Experiment with new equipment
  • Experiment with new techniques
  • Transition to a glass cockpit
  • Efficient use of your time, don't waste any more time taxiing, starting up, or dealing with traffic.
  • Pre-fly a trip or an arrival or departure procedure
  • Practice an approach or missed approach
  • Practice dangerous or abnormal procedures and emergencies that you never can practice in the plane
  • Log simulator time toward checkride requirements with your CFI
  • Cheaper and faster than an airplane
  • Keep Currency
  • Convenient times regardless of the weather
  • Easily change environmental conditions
  • Cost-effective, don't lose money practicing in an aircraft when you can learn the same things in a simulator for a lot less

The FAA's recent change in rules governing the use of flight simulators reflects this value. The ability of computers to recreate an immersive experience is what the commercial airlines have invested in for decades to train pilots long before they let them pilot a plane. It is about time this benefit was available to the private pilot. This technology and state of the art hardware, together with Pilot Proficiency's immersive custom-built enclosure, make training realistic, customizable, and valuable. 

Our Reservations and Packages

Our packages are arranged to serve our pilots in their flight training needs. If you do not find what works for you, then give us a call, and we would be happy to customize your training package to what works for you.

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