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Pilot Proficiency offers FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Training Devices in locations convenient to pilots and available 24/7.  Pilots can book simulator time by the hour or make a commitment to proficiency with one of our monthly subscription plans.  Simulator training is far less expensive per hour than flying.  We operate world-class Frasca simulators using real Garmin G1000 Nxi software for a realistic cockpit experience.

Founded by instrument rated private pilots, Pilot Proficiency’s mission is to make it easy for all pilots to maintain currency and improve their instrument proficiency.  Recent changes to FAR 61.57(c) allow instrument rated private pilots to log their required approaches, holding procedures, and intercepting and tracking courses in our approved simulators to stay current.  Better yet, pilots can self-log their simulator experience without an instructor or safety pilot.  Pilot Proficiency is about making it easy for pilots to maintain their currency, as our simulators are located near where pilots live and work.  They’re available 24/7 and far less expensive than flying your airplane.

Above all, Pilot Proficiency was founded to improve the instrument skills of all pilots.  Our monthly subscription plans are designed to help pilots become more proficient at a cost that is significantly less than an afternoon of flying.

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The Team

Rob Miller | CEO | Private Pilot

A private pilot student getting his private certificate.

Mark Johnson - CFI and Chief Pilot

Mike Morris - COO

Noel Zarza - Operations

Greg Sprinkles - Systems

Steve Allen - Marketing

John Lovitsch - Sales

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Pilot Proficiency

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